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It really gets me about all these complaints about the Hyla .. But if someone puts something good about it on here you accuse that person of being an employee of the company ..

But for you people to just be a buyer that is not satisfied and all the awful problems with EVERYTHING about this company you sure seem to know an awful lot about the employment or you think you do whose to say that your not working for a rival company to make Hyla look bad ?????

shoe can be put on the other foot you know unless you work for that company you really dont know exactly how they pay employees but you must be in sales your self to know all about this and that commissions etc lmao yes I am an employee at Hyla and not all stores are the same IF someone on here really had a bad experience with it im sorry that happened you probably had a sales rep that was new and didnt know what they were doing all the way but this company is a great company and i have NEVER had any problems from anyone I love my job i love the people I work for they are the best .. But Hyla is a great company .

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Hyla doesn't have employees with exception of ofgice staff that spam phone calls that consist of them lying to people that they "won" something. As a former contractor I can vouch that there is no drawing, they literally call every lead and when done with those they go name by name through phone book.

to Anonymous #1369106

Here is a complete lie. As a marketing director for a Hyla distributorship, I know first hand that this is not accurate.

We do not call every lead and pretend there is a drawing, nor do we EVER call from a phone book. You may have been a sales representative but your job is out in the field.

Not in the office. Do not come to a public forum and tell people of what you know not.

Caldwell, Idaho, United States #1349373

Since you are a Hyla emlpoyee, can you help me troubleshoot mine? the Hyla Website is down and I need help


I have worked for hyla and the negative comments against them are completely true. Hyla does not have enough popularity to make it so their competitors would write comments to sabotage them.

Hyla scams people and everyone should be aware of it. I have a handbook that employees get showing how to scam people in order for us to get paid.

to Previously worked for hyla #1352460

I work for a HYLA distribution / rep company and I can tell you that you don't get a hand book, we don't call through a phone book. It's 2017 ok, phone book are good for finding a pizza shop and the local bars.

We knock doors and hand out free gifts to all those that just look at the HYLA no purchase necessary , then we have ways you can earn more free items and get some for friends and they don't have to purchase the HYLA. You all definitely work for opposing companies, good thing I can earn my paycheck by being honnest and up front.

to Robert #1353462

When you knock on my door, you've got 2 seconds to leave or I immediately call the police and ask they check for your permit to solicit. When you don't have that required permit, you get a big, fat fine, which you so deserve. GET A REAL JOB ROBERT!

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1333739

1. People who post here against Hyla are either unhappy customers or unhappy former 1099 contractors who didn't get paid for their efforts


It was obvious you are a Hyla "employee"??? (did you mean 1099 independent contractor, because that is what the salespeople are, that way, no benefits or hourly wage has to be paid - Kirby, Rainbow, etc works the same way) and you didn't even need to own up to it.

We can tell.

4. Glad you love your job and hope you keep it so you are one less person on food stamps

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