I got my hyla a year ago. They did not tell me I only had three days to return it.

I'm having another child and can't afford the vacuum anymore. I called to see about returning it and I had not one, but two people be very rude to me. Telling me that I'm stuck with it and that I must pay for something I don't want. And telling me they can't and won't help me.

Very rude. They need to tell customers these things before hand if they want to avoid law suits.

Just saying. Now I'm put $3,695 plus interest so about 5000 -_-

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Don't blame the Company for something that you should have thought before buying the product. You even financed it and the paperwork shows that you have legally 3 days to return it.

Even more the financing company probably called you to confirm your purchase. Take responsibility.You can't buy a car and then after driving it for a while decide to give it back to the a dealership and expect that the Dealer takes it back!

to hyla fan #983561

I have witnessed with my own eyes ppl not want it after an hr an them not take it back make up excuses y they can't go out of town for three days to screw someone over it don't mater all they care abt is lying to u but u can't blame most of the workers bc I worked there for 3 weeks sold plenty of machines feel horrible bc I screwed some family members bc we sold one one thing an ran it then they actually not want it anymore then them not take it back after an hr say try it out for a day an call me back an answer day 4 an say F off ur times up

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