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There is a product similar to the Rainbow vacuum that supposedly "water washes" your air and cleans it out and you can also purchase an attachment to clean your carpets and furniture with. This HYLA NST is between $2399.00 and $2799.00 to purchase. The Rainbow vacuum is half the price. Do not buy the HYLA NST, ever!

I was going to sell the HYLA and do demonstrations in peoples' homes. After the first day of "training", I got this sheet of paper with my presentation on it that I was supposed to personalize, but stick to all the "facts" in the paper. I did my research on all these "facts" and it's all a bunch of garbage and lies. They even said in our training that we had to make the problem in each person's home big enough to make this machine worth it to them to spend over two thousand dollars for.

They claim in this presentation there are 250 million dust mites in your mattress. A different website I pulled up says there are thousands. The people who are trying to sell you the HYLA claim that dust mites "are the cause of all itching, sneezing, scratching, coughing, and even pneumonia". they also claim dust and dust mites spread 90% of all airborn sickness. These claims are completely outrageous on many levels. First of all, dust mites do not cause anybody to itch, scratch, sneeze or cough unless that person is actually allergic to dust mites. And even then, most people are simply allergic to dust mite *** or dead dust mites. And people have to get allergy tests done to confirm this, because there are other things in the home like pet dander and etc, that might be causing the allergy. Even more outrageous than the claim that dust mights cause ALL of people's itching and sneezing is the claim that dust mites cause pneumonia. This is not true at all. Go to any medical website and ask the question "What causes penumonia?" and you will find two kinds of pneumonia's and their causes. You will not see dust mites mentioned at all... not even as a carrier of diseases.

Dust mites are not a parasite and they are not a carrier of diseases. There are ways to help minimize and control dust and dust mites in the home and I have links to a couple websites that list what you can do. None of them mention the HYLA or anything like the HYLA as a solution.

The people who sell the HYLA then claim the EPA says indoor air quality is the number one environmental problem in the country (not true, the EPA website says it's in the top five), and the allergy doctor (they don't say who) states there's only two ways to get rid of dust and dust mites. One way is to cover everything in your house in plastic and the other way is to buy a HYLA. That is also an outrageous claim. If you want to control dust mites in your home, it's not that difficult unless you live an area where it's warm and humid all year round. That's right. Dust mites love warm humid air. If the air in your house has less than 70% humidity, dust mites cannot thrive. Less than 50%, they become outright dormant. And remember, they're not a parasite or carrier of diseases... so only people who are allergic to them need to worry about controlling their population in their home.

The EPA themselves gives guidelines on how to improve the indoor air quality in your home. The two major things you can do are get rid of the source of air pollution (like chemicals and paints lying around that could be exposed to the air and contaminating it), and ventilation. So, in the summer, your best bet is to open the windows and air out the house (provided your outdoor air isn't worse than your indoor air). The EPA even states that air cleaners/filters alone cannot be a substitute for improving the air quality in your home. They can help, but they aren't effective used alone.

Here are all my links that led me to find out about this scam the HYLA people are trying to convince consumers of so that they'll dish out over two thousand dollars. Please save yourself two thousand dollars and don't spend it on this machine!






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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1274523

Hyla, Rainbow, Filter Queen, Kirby - I don't care which one you are at my door selling, you are not coming in and I am not buying.All of the aforementioned products are sold door to door by vacuum peddlers and the prices they are asking are greatly bloated because there are several layers of commissions that are built into the price.

Two or more people are expecting fat commissions off the sale of each unit. No thanks. I am not interested in paying thousands for a product that realistically is only worth a few hundred.

If that "takes food off your table" as someone has whined about on several letters, that's YOUR problem!When you are asking me to overpay by thousands so that you can put food on YOUR table, you are in essence taking food off MY table and that just is not going to happen!


Sounds like whoever you worked for was a crook.The product works.

We love ours and so do our friends.

The issue you were facing isn't that the Hyla isn't up to par, it far exceeds what our vacuum cleaners could ever do, and my wife no longer has to take allergy meds twice a day because the Hyla is cleaning the air of dust and other junk. We live it.

The Hyla works.I'm sorry you had such a bad experience.


your a *** just sayin for most people its just a job we got kids to feed and you took personal time out of your day to affect our paycheck idk if all that is true or not but if you dont like it dont buy it geese get off our back

to Anonymous #1274524

Get an education and a real job! If you want to work commission jobs, fine, but at least find one that offers a base pay! Duh!


HYLA rep just knowcked on my door and gave me a HYAl coupon worth $500.She said it was the best air cleaning system/vacuum in the world.

I let one go and said if it could get rid of the smell I would let her in the house.She didn't want to come in.

Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States #815779

You were very poorly informed by your distributor. Google the Norwood and Posin report.

to ClearheadedThinker Farmington, Arkansas, United States #838815

....I googled it just for fun...

there is nothing.Your company is a fat crock of ***, and your a conman.


I used to work for Hyla, it is a scam.I was only paid 650.00 total even though I sold four Hyla's went out and got over 100 referrals a week.

They would reject them just so they wouldn't have to pay me the base pay. At the end of the demos they would make me pressure the person into buying one. I felt so bad..... finally I quit after being screwed so many times.

My Hyla sucks. It doesn't work right and as for the life time warranty, that's bull as well..... I called to have them fix mine and they said my warranty is up but I can purchase another one, the *** with that. I am trading my Hyla in for a rainbow.

They are way better than Hyla.Don't buy or work for Hyla.

to Anonymous Branson, Missouri, United States #834156

I was told by someone use work for hyla that rainbow brought Hyla out so rainbow is now scamming with Hyla


i just had training today and you only had to have 3 demonstrations, and no set amount of referrals (although the more the better) and it is a set weekly salary of $625. i have seen a demonstration on how the Hyla works and in less a minutes it had captured so much filth in the air it was disgusting to think i was breathing it in.

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