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First of all I would like to say. THANK GOD FOR THE HYLA! My mife is breathing because of your product and has not been back in the hospital since we purchased it I am so sorry that people write unethical reviews about your product on here it saddens me that they can't simply call and get help like I can I have no problem calling the corporate office in Florida or any of my local offices I think that people simply can't afford the payment at times and then they get mad at the product I have no problem paying cash but I see that most people on here are complaining about the financing if you have an issue please contact hyla directly they will shoot you in the right direction.

I would recommend your product to anyone and everybody there is nothing negative

Thanks everyone for reading this!

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I've had hyla vacuum for 11 yrs and find it works very well , to the ppl *** about stuff you add to water bothering them . Its simple dont put it in theres nobody forcing you !


Just because someone gives a positive review about this product does not always mean they work for the company .. Just because some had a bad experience with it doesn't mean everyone has had one I have had a Hyla for 5 years now my rep was awesome and I love it mainly because of the sense's saves me money on air freshener's etc . ans guess what I DON'T WORK FOR THEM !!!!

to lisa Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1333747

Really? Because you made another posting on a different Hyla thread at the EXACT same time you made this one (the report #s give you away) in which you posted as "Tanya" and stated you DO work for Hyla!

Get your stories straight honey! You also posted a letter right afterwards in defense of Hyla, basically saying what you just said here EXCEPT you once again identified yourself as a Hyla employee.

What are you doing exactly? Do you have anyone who looks after you?


This review is what you call a "false positive". This person is not a real customer, they are a Hyla distributor writing a fake review in a pitiful effort to offset the 100+ negative reviews at this site.

People, don't fall for the "you won a free carpet cleaning/giftcard/trip, etc. It is just a shady tactic to get in your home and give you a high pressure sales pitch. You shouldn't be letting strangers in your home anyway! And this $3700 vacuum?

You can buy one for less than a grand from a vacuum shop.

When you pay $3700, you aren't paying for the vacuum, which I understand costs the distributor about $250, you are paying for several layers of commission for the people selling it. Several people will make fat commissions when you buy one.I don't know about anyone else, but I am NOT interested in paying commissions to a bunch of salespeople!

Stow, Ohio, United States #1205913

I second your post. Only had ours for 4 months and love it!

to Anonymous #1206059

What's the status on your G.E.D?

to Anonymous San Jose, California, United States #1329835

@Stow, Ohio: Of course you second the post! YOU WROTE IT!!!

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