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I got hired yesterday and had my first day of training today, They told us what they told all the sale reps that got screwed over by Hyla all over the country have said that they told us we'll get paid 825 a week even if we don't make any sales and that we gotta do 4 days of unpaid training then get 72 referrals and 12 demos. Then they told us how Hyla is the number 3 company of the better business bureau when they're not even certified by them and how Hylas are the 8th product in demand in Europe and how glycol which is used in the air purifier is the safest disinfect in the world, in reality glycol is antifreeze and not that safe and they told us many other over exaggerations, the whole thing seemed sketchy they were in a small hidden building with a tiny sign and looked like they just moved in claiming they were the best sellers of Hylas in the country and the owner actually admitted to being a former drug addict saying he knew all the tricks to manipulate people and that he was gonna teach us them to get people to buy hylas, After reading all the complaints against employers of sale reps of hylas here and on other sites I'm not coming back but I'm worried cause I gave them my social # on the application before I even knew what I was gonna be selling or even be doing exactly, is there anything I can do so they don't steal my identity when they most likely have to bail and move some place else?

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Pittsburg, Kansas, United States #1233332

I wish i would have read some of these reviews before going to an interview with these people.Heres my story:

So a couple days ago I saw an advertisement on Indeed about a company called "Holistic Air," and i saw that they paid 10$ an hour naturally i was interested!

So I applied with my resume and got a call the next day. The town to which the store is located in is Pittsburg Kansas (a small college town). I scouted the place out the day before my interview and I noticed that their was no signs or anything about the business and it looked like they had just moved into the building. This is when I started to get a little leary, but i didnt think much of it, because the advertisement said that they were a new company.

When I went to the interview, it screamed "Sketchy," the people didnt look like professionals and the inside of the building looked so strange. Their was only 2 people inside of the building at the time. Halfway during my interview something started not to feel right. It felt like they wanted me to be a glorified door to door sales person.

I actually finished the interview and I told them i would call them back sometime. But in actuality, i had already made up my mind that I wasnt. These purifers seem sketchy at best and I would never buy one at all. They kept talking about all the benefits but i didnt beleive them.

When i came on here, I realized why they didnt have a website. The fact is that their are so many...

Buyer and Prospective workers beware.

I am considering going to the local police department and asking if what they are doing is legit.

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to Anonymous #1239521

Well buddy you were almost correct.They are not doing anything illegal (yet).

I work there but will soon not be. I am gonna pick up my last check and leave. I loved working with people because legitimately the Hyla is awesome. But the people and management are not.

People hate door to door salesmen and that hasnt changed with this. And whenever I would try to input a new idea that might help people get to trust more they say nay of course. So yes people beware do not work for this company. Its the false promise of a easy job and easy money.

They spew fancy words in order to brain wash you into doing what they want.They do not care about people only profit.


Okay, well I work for and own a hyla and have not once ran into an issue sucheck as these.I can only assume that you definitely had a sketchy distributorship as well as being too lazy to put in the work.

Glycol has a couple forms. Propylene, ethylene, etc. I ate at chick fil a the other day and read glycol as an ingredient in a sauce.

Please remember that your experience could be isolated and slander like this affects the livelihood of families like mine.Thank you.

to Anonymous #1272282

You are simply parroting your Hyla boss when you say that someone was too lazy to work.You learned to say that from them.

You know it and I know it. Well, let ME educate you: slander is spoken, libel is written.

Truth is an absolute defense against any claims of either!Got it?!!!

to Anonymous #1371140

Of course you're going to praise Hyla… You still work for this company.The question is is how will you feel when you do find a better job and leave this company… Is that when you will tell the truth?

Yaaa, that is exactly what will happen.Except you probably have a lot more nasty things to say.


One thing I have noticed over the years: People peddling overpriced vacuums door to door DON'T OWN ONE! Why is that? THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT ON THEIR PAY!


I guess it's like that old saying "the world needs ditch diggers too"..well, I guess the world need pathetic vacuum peddlers as well... lol

Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States #909500

I went to an interview for the office in Fayetteville and it screamed scam.I showed up to the interview dressed nicer than the supposed "sales manager", and the office was a dump.

The manager was using this crappy little pitch on me about how I could make so much money with so little effort. I got up and walked out halfway through the interview, it was a joke.

Remember, hard work and determination is how you make and honest, good living.Not by being ran in circles around by a bunch of backwards scam artists.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #833921

This company is A SCAM!!!!These "Hyla reps" (I would prefer to call them lying a**holes) come onto all these posts and comment calling us people who worked for hyla and quit because we realized that it was a scam lazy.

Im sick of it! First off I worked for a hyla company in tulsa oklahoma called jackson air. And all was the same. I had a very good job working in a animal hospital but as a single mom it was hard to pay all my bills on my own and find money for diapers food and things my son needed.

plus I had a dog with a illness that required medication that was 300$ a month. I loved my job but when I saw a post on craigslist that said 15$ or more a hour I had to check it out. I met the "owner" or jackson air the next day and he told me it was a sales job but Id be making 15 a hour and had potential to make more and hired me. So I told my boss I got a job making way more and quit my other job.

When I saw the guidelines for making 700 a week I was like "I can do that!" I went out the next day in the June 116 degree weather in hopes of getting close to my 72 leads. But after walking in the heat all day only to have most people slamming doors in my face or others looking through their windows and telling me to get off their porch I realized it wasnt going to happen. I was only able to get maybe 5 or 6 leads before 1:00 hit and it was time to go do my demos. and once I showed up for the demos some people would then tell me to go away then or would sit...

I tried MY HARDEST for 3 weeks. Walking in the HEAT, sweating and stressed about my bills pilling up. My rent was due I had no money. My dog was dying I needed medication - no money.

My son needed diapers. - No money. Not to mention I am staving - No money. I made about 200$ in three weeks which got spent on gas so I could drive all over oklahoma.

And the owner of jackson air saying, dont worry your gonna make the money. dont quit. Before I knew it I was being evicted.


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to ***edoffpeggy #922084

I cant speek for the dealership that you worked for.However, i can say that the Hyla is a wonderful product.

I think it is unfair of you to slam the product, because of the dealership you were with, those people are going to always exists they will be selling something else soon because they are kicked out.

However, i do have to say there is a lot of

money to make in commission sales because there are so few that understand it and work it.

I have been doing it for many years and have been very successful. But there are many people that start but cant make it because the pay is both based on what and when you do it. If you need the comfort of a weekly amount on money, 4-500.00 every week then this is not for you. But if you have the ability to budget 3-4000.00 this week and 200.00 the next week then you can make a lot of money.

Join us on the other side.

And for the person that said honest hard work is how you get paid. Your right. Commission sales is hard work and you get paid very well.

If you want to continue to cut people and companies down because you dont have the strength in yourself to do so be it.

Dont do it continue working 40+ hours for 3-400 a week.Happy new year.

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