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I live with my parents for this reason - people pray on the elderly. Hyla did this! This machine was sold to my Mom especially for allergies. The men were pushy & insisted they had to trade in their present vacuum ($700 commercial machine that was mine).

Not happy with it from the start or having to learn how to use the watery mess of the Hyla w/o a manual! Next, the owner contacts my Mom and told her she had been sold a "used" machine he had no idea where it came from. Two men that had been in my elderly parent's home (in the country) had been involved in cocaine and marijuana and had been arrested. She had been sold a used machine with a 6-mo warranty she had paid over $2,000 cash! But, he would make it right!

The owner came & left the machine w/no demonstration. However, he sold my mother the shampooing system (another $1600!) & told her someone would "come and clean her house & demonstrate it". Two weeks later the woman shows up (yesterday)with the equipment, unprepared and did not clean the carpet. Our house was cleaner before she came!

Owner was contacted today to say she did not want system was told he could refund $1300 of the $1600 on the shampooing system (someone had to pay the cleaning woman!). But, she was stuck with the vacuum & "you don't want to go against corporate". Well, I will go against this corporation and no one will hear a good thing about HYLA. I will contact the local Hyla distributor and try and settle it once more, but I will also file a complaint with the BBB and contact the Attorney General. I suggest others do the same.

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Muggenhof, Bayern, Germany #1289765

I don't recommend anyone buy a vacuum system from a D2D salesperson.You are overpaying by thousands because there are multiple people earning a commission off the sale.

Buy a refurbished one from a vacuum shop, they will offer their own warranty.Or, buy one used from ebay, amazon or craigslist.

Girard, Kansas, United States #1289741

Hyla is such a rip off.The machine does not work as they claim it to.

And the Home Office I called didn't even have a voicemail system set up!! Red Flag!! As a matter of fact our shop vac does a better job. And they are into us for $3,600.

Pissed off doesn't even begin to cover it !!!

I have a lot more to say.Do NOT BUY this product, it IS A SCAM!!!


should of got a rainbow I to was sold a hyla and it sucks big time if you know what I mean the rainbow is a lot more user friendly


I came in for an interview and they say the position is customer service representative.they say it is an base pay of $15.00 an hour.

and we get paid during training. My fiance and i both got hired on and are first week of training goes by and they say we do not get paid for the training but the demos we do. so by this time we find out it is a sales job and the demos are ones we set up with are friends and family. so my fiance and i are a team and set up and do 6 demos and are friends and family do not want to buy a machine that is so expensive.

so are first real week of work they told us we set up appointment for you to go on. and there marketing department makes sure the people qualify before they send us to the customers house. they sent us to a house that was the wrong address the second house was so crapy and the people would not let us go inside to do a demonstration so we just left a waste of time and gas. and we were on call the rest of the week they would always say we have an appointment for you to go to.

and they wouldn't call or answer are phone call's. they end up firing us the following and we returned the HYLA and they refused to give us are check for the demos we did. and Glen said are Demo didn't count and i asked him which one and he said the one with my single brother because hes not married. and i informed Glen my brother is *** and can not get married in this state.

and he was discriminating. and my brother was more...

it was a waste of time!and they say people call to make appointments to see the HYLA but they rely on the leads and referrals your friends and family give you

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It may be a pain to use.But when you see the nasty dirt and hair this thing pick up it is well worth it.

With a cat and a house of four we are always getting a lot up even if we just used it a week ago. As long as you clean it right after and leave it apart to completely dry there is no smell, except for the scents we put in the water. We have had ours for five years. It has held up really well.

It is missing a few screws, but was told I could bring it in for free replacement screws and a free cleaning.Plus my son is has asthma and has had less flair ups since we have used this machine.


Ive owned mine for 2 years & never had a problem.The salesman has been very helpful.

Anything I need, he has been there to help. Came back to my house when I had questions. I love my Hyla. I think its an awesome lroduct.

I have 4 dogs, 2 shed. We have it on a timer, it helps with hair & dander & we have minimal dusting.

Of course we do.t have the vacuum head attached.It helps me immensely with my allergies.


Thanks for your info.I got my folks on the alert.

My dad is a retired architect, still in his right mind even tho' he has some senior moments. He said the salesman manually turned a moving part the opposite direction from the way it turns when run by electricity. My folks didn't buy the upgraded model that the man said was government approved.

Later my dad lubricated the machine with some spray.I hope that helps it not get condensation from the water needed to run it; he often is good at fixing things.


I've wondered about Hyla. They sold one to my dad and traded the old air filter and vacuum cleaner in. Now they are coming over Sunday at 1:30 pm to check it under warranty and probably try to sell something else.

We probably can report them to Better Business Bureau as Hyla has an A+ grading thus far as a nonmember of the BBB.

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