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  • Aug 22
  • #905253

The vacuum is heavy, and the carpet allplicator shorts out, i.e. Stops and starts for no reason.

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I received a phone call from HYLA offering a survey. I did it. It was quick. They called several days later and told me that I won a prize.They offered me a choice between a hotel stay or $1000.00 in coupons after completing a survey and told me that I Won one of these things. A representative would deliver my coupons. I told the lady on the phone that I was not in the market to purchase ANYTHING but the rep would still drop by to deliver the... Read more

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I m sorry you feel this way about Hyla business opportunity . In my case is has been great money maker for my family but I understand is not for everybody The problem is that most people don't have what it takes to be a good direct sales representative and that is way the company programs don't work for them . I purchase the Hyla and started working for the company in the exact 10 week program you mentioned and I finished and got my FREE HYLA... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 17
  • #883791

I don't know why anyone would be surprised by anything they might see or hear concerning Hyla or any other sales company for that matter. Hello! It is SALES! All advertisement of any kind can be misconstrued a little bit. It's not Hylas fault if you as a customer didn't use your own better judgment.

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I am retired and on a fixed income. I was called and told I had "won" a free carpet cleaning. The salesperson came to my home and demonstrated the Hyla vacuum (did, not clean my carpet). I made an impulsive decision to purchase the machine. I was not told I had a three day window in which to return the machine. When I realized it was much too large for me to manage, I called (one week later) to arrange to return it. I was told no, "You... Read more

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Had mine for 20 plus years. Works great...use it twice a week and have 2 dogs and a cat. All of them shed like no tomorrow. Expensive but worth it in my opinion. I have had folks with other popular brands try to compare and they are crappy compared to my old Hyla. I bet I have spent less and gotten better results vrs replacing a Dyson every couple of years and smelling all the dust when using. My x didn't like the way the Hyla needed water and... Read more

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DO NOT!!! let these people in your home or let your family and friends work there. Its not training appointmemts they want to set you to, they want to sell you junk and they use you as a bait to go after and sell to your friends. The machine is not worth the amount of money the ask, the manager makes the most money out of. They first tell you that if you work for then for 10 weeks you will get a FREE HYLE! Seriously!! Free HYLA. They also say... Read more

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didnt want the hyla til i got back to work.was told he wanted me to have the march madness sale and i could send back at any time..yeah right..tried that and was told no..cant afford it so now have something i hate and bad credit..thanks alot BRANDON...also tried cleaning out jeep...that thing didnt pick up at sister has copd and this think takes alot out of her..her breathing is awful after using this by the time she gets through... Read more

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I had this Hyla for years ,had a hard time getting belts and during multiple replacement plastic housing broke .Couldn't get parts so I went on Ebay bought a d4 rainbow head and tube which plugged in the same and parts are cheaper and could get easier on ebay. The head is 1.4 amp and the rainbow is 2.4 amps which is in limit on capacitor. Had problem with tube plugging up but the rainbow head is more powerful and solved problem also had to get a... Read more

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Bought a HYLA GST vacuum last month through a home demo arranged via a lady who pleaded with me to help her earn some commission through the demo. Salesmanager came and went on for 2 hours. We refused to buy a SGD 4.2 K product and he started to make it affordable by telling us to pay by credit installment and even reduced the price. Said I should use it as I have young children. Kept persuading until we gave in. Tried it and realized it is not... Read more

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